Newly Diagnosed Autoimmune Conditions….

September 19, 2015

I’ve seen a large influx of clients with recently diagnosed autoimmune conditions. As many of you are aware, one of the biggest contributors to an autoimmune flare up is gluten exposure. The body tags it as a toxin and that sly gluten likes to attach to different parts of the body. In Hashimoto’s it’s the thyroid. In celiac it’s the small intestine. In asthma it’s the lungs, etc, etc, etc…. Now that the body has tagged the gluten as a toxin, how is it suppose to identify what’s the body and what’s the gluten? It can’t, so your immune system is going to attack both.

You’ve given up the gluten but still feel like crud, to put it mildly. After giving up gluten, it’s necessary to do some clean up and healing in over 90% of all people. That being said, I think being proactive is your best bet. Just do the healing and clean up.

You have a couple of choices to begin the healing process, or you can incorporate both. L-Glutamine is going to be your magic bullet. You can find L-Glutamine in supplement form or it’s one of the wonderful amino’s in bone broth. Both of these will begin to heal your stomach. Choose one or choose both!

Now the clean up… You’ve eaten gluten your whole life and it’s going to take a little work to get it out of your body. First thing is don’t reintroduce any gluten into your diet. Next, you need to start incorporating enzymes into your diet. Some good brands that you can buy easily are Gluten Defense by Enzymatic or GlutenEase by Enzymedica. These enzymes are specifically for the break down of gluten. Taking them does not give you a free ride to eat gluten. Avoiding gluten and taking these before bed will help your body get rid of all the “attached gluten”. I also like to have my clients incorporate a good quality daytime enzyme. My favorite is Multizyme by Standard Process. Whatever you use, make sure that it’s good quality with pancreatin, bromelain, lipase and papain. Stronger is not always better, just go for quality.

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