In a perfect world, you would get your nutritional needs met by the foods you eat. Unfortunately, even the best modern diets are not nutrient dense. This results in widespread vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can leave you weary. In my opinion, food is our best medicine.

There are very few supplement brands that I recommend to clients. If you keep with current news you know that many reports show supplements to be ineffective or even dangerous. This is true. Supplements are not created equal, and price tag is no insurance of effectiveness.

Nearly all over-the-counter vitamins or meal replacement shakes are pharmaceutically engineered. They contain chemical fraction of vitamins created in a lab. They do not resemble food. If your vitamins are not derived from whole foods, they can make you even more deficient and nutritionally “out of balance”.

At hōl ‘bädee wellness, the supplements I recommend are whole food concentrates from Standard Process. You can be assured that you will not be wasting your money on inferior products that often cause more harm than good.

I see fantastic results and that’s what matters the most!