My Food Allergies Suck.

February 10, 2016

In 2005 I became acutely aware that I didn’t feel as good as I thought I should. Maybe because this was my normal, I lived with it for years.

After experimenting on my own, with very little success, I decided to seek medical help. I chose a kind and thorough doctor that specializes in allergy and asthma… I knew I had asthma so it seemed a good match.

Dr. Nsoulli immediately ran blood work and put me on an elimination diet for 8 weeks. I believe my diet consisted of chicken, rice and a few vegetables. At the end of 8 weeks I felt great. My skin had cleared up, breathing issues went away, and not a single digestive disturbance.

After the 8 weeks, I began the tedious chore of adding foods back in. I added in one food every 7 days, and would eat that food daily for the 7 days. If I had any reaction, I would immediately eliminate the food and would have to wait until I was back to my baseline before trying another. I figured out pretty quick that soy and wheat were my biggest offenders. My blood-work confirmed this too.

Since eliminating my reactive foods I feel great… Unless I get accidentally exposed. The reactions I get now are so severe. I’m actually going through it right now. I’m in the process of clearing it up and I’m looking forward to my next post with all the details.

See you next week…. Cara


Whole body holistic nutritionist practicing in the Bay area and Eugene, OR. Whole food chef for 16 years.

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