Sugar Detoxing Made a Little Easier

November 9, 2015

I’ve been invited to go to go speak to the general manager of a gym in Morgan Hill, called Morgan Hill Athletic Club, about a guided sugar detox for the members.  I’m thinking about the strategies that need to be in place for a successful detox since this would be my first time leading a group of this size.

Understanding why getting sugar out of the diet is going to be key. I always think of the key concepts that were drilled into our brains during school, ” Never before in the history of mankind have we had an emergency need to lower blood sugar as we do now.”  “Americans are inundating their bodies with sugar and refined carbohydrates. The average person consumes at least 140 pounds of refined sugar in a year.” “Insulin surges can be reduced by adjusting macronutrient ratios which will help the body use fats for energy, rather than glucose.”

Preparation is next! Clean out then restock the pantry and refrigerator. Once you get the sugar out of your system, you don’t really plan on having a “treat” now and then. That would make about much sense as an alcoholic going to rehab for 30 days with the intention of having  a drink occasionally. Get rid of all the crap and replace with healthy whole foods.

Here’s my favorite tip to make the sugar detox easier…. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) and raw nuts. MCT’s are a fantastic fat that bypasses digestion and is used immediately by the liver for energy. I suggest to all my clients that they invest in a jar of coconut butter. This can be eaten just like peanut butter and will get you out of that “bonk” in a matter of minutes.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t “really eat sugar” (and I hear that all the time), a sugar detox is right for just about everybody. It will reset the taste buds, system and your thoughts around food. If you haven’t done one, I would urge you to give it a go. I’ll post guidelines in the coming weeks.

In health!




Whole body holistic nutritionist practicing in the Bay area and Eugene, OR. Whole food chef for 16 years.

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