I’ve Just Been Diagnosed Celiac… What Next?

September 26, 2015

I’ve had a few clients that were diagnosed with celiac within the last year and they’ve felt lost and unsupported by their doctors. The general rule that the medical community suggest is to just avoid gluten. I agree, you have to avoid gluten.

What else should you do? Start with the basics. Get a gluten enzyme, like Glutenease, and start taking it three times a day. This will start breaking down the sticky gluten adhering to your insides. Follow AIP diet for 90 days. This will remove the most common cross-reactive foods out of your diet so you can heal. Don’t worry, at the end of 90 days, you can start adding most of those foods back in, because your body will tell you what works and doesn’t work at this point.

This strategy alone will bring a greater level of healing in recently, and not-so recently, diagnosed celiac.

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Whole body holistic nutritionist practicing in the Bay area and Eugene, OR. Whole food chef for 16 years.

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