I’m pretty excited, but most will find this just gross

September 23, 2015

I got a text from a client last night that said, “Oooh!!! Just pooped. Bugs. Seriously those sesame seed like things. I’m so grossed out but so excited all at the same time:)”. I know that the average person would think this is pretty odd and quite possibly nasty, but to me this was exciting, awesome, and great news.

As many of you are aware, I practice Nutrition Response Testing. This is a wonderful method that helps find possible stressors. I certainly can’t diagnose, but this method led me to believe that a large parasite could be present in her body, and confirmed that specific supplements regulated the response she had from the possible large parasite. A large parasite would also explain her inability to heal. She decided she has nothing lose by going on new protocol. I’m happy to say that it took 5 days for something to start showing. I had her send me a picture, but decided it would have to be a link to click on because it is poo from her toilet paper. Here and here you can see what appears to be an adult fluke, and small larvae from who knows what.

Anyone can have parasites, and often do to some degree. It’s a normal part of life and only becomes a problem when they take over. The symptoms can vary greatly and they’re difficult to diagnose. They don’t always live in the intestine, so even when they are in the egg laying stage, they don’t always show up in stool tests. Blood tests usually don’t find them either. It’s important to always inspect your poop because large parasites have a very unique sign that will show up intermittently. Large parasites lay eggs and that’s about the only time that they can be detected in a stool test, but it’s also visible to the naked eye. The appearance resembles sesame seeds. Small parasites don’t lay eggs, so those critters are bit more difficult to diagnose.

Signs and symptoms of parasites can vary, and knowing what environment they thrive in will help you know if you have or are susceptible to them. If you suspect you have them, or have a health condition that just won’t go away, get tested, find a practitioner that uses Nutrition Response Testing, and start improving your health to make it difficult for you to be such a wonderful host to these little critters.

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on I’m pretty excited, but most will find this just gross.
  1. Diane Meche

    Bloated; do have rope worms; do coffee enemas; eat clean; how can I rid myself of bloating?

    • Cara

      Hello Diane. Bloating can be a sign of many different things… It’s just a symptom. This could be a symptom of the rope worms. It’s common for parasites to release toxins that cause bloating or foods can feed them. I would suggest talking to your health care practitioner and determine if herbal remedies with appropriate drainage remedies would be beneficial for you. I encourage you to address the biofilms with a qualified practitioner to complete your healing.

      If it’s not the parasite causing the bloating then I would look at foods and food intolerances. If it’s a bacterial problem you should see improvement with a low FODMAP diet.

      I hope this information is useful.

      In health,


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