body shaming

June 24, 2015

I’m a member of a group on Facebook that’s full of single people that embrace a paleo lifestyle. We discuss everything from nutrition, dating, body image and exercise. It’s a fun and diverse group. There’s a meme that’s been circulating for a bit now, comparing beautiful and curvy Marilyn Monroe to an ultra thin women in a bikini, who I might add is also very beautiful… Basically stating that the thin is ugly and curvy is better. Well, this got posted in my group today and I’ve never seen so much controversy.

I initially took this as an empowering image, embracing all those beautiful curvy women. Now, I’ve come to realize that this is still body shaming and it’s wrong. If it hurts a woman and makes her feel less than, then it’s wrong. If a woman is healthy and takes care of herself, to the best of her ability, then who are we to judge if she is curvy or thin. Beauty comes in all shapes and forms and it’s time to embrace, love and build women and men up, not judge, hurt and break them down.

love not hate xoxo


Whole body holistic nutritionist practicing in the Bay area and Eugene, OR. Whole food chef for 16 years.

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